Live H2O: Concert for the Living Waters

Recommendations by Alex Putney

For 72 hours during the Summer Solstice, 2009, the Live H2O: Concert for the Living Waters will unite thousands of human hearts and minds in a collective blessing of our Earth's waters for global consciousness and purification. The global concert may be broadcast into the cosmos by resonating the Earth itself at the love frequencies of 528Hz and the human heartbeat of 1.45Hz. The collective blessing may be unified by synchronization of the hearts and minds at the love frequencies, reawakening the vital forces of the waters of the living Earth and the living human body.

The 1.45Hz entrainment format will synchronize the hemispheres of the brain into coherence with the pineal, hypothalamus and pituitary glands at the fundamental frequency of the heartbeat. This synchronization process will unify the hearts and minds of all of the participants at all event locations, effectively amplifying our collective intention for the purification of the Earth's waters. Ancient Ayurvedic texts and sacred mathematical principles have been preserved and translated into a model of consciousness by Alex Putney in his 2008 publication 'Phi'.

Psychoacoustic Recommendations

The process of psychoacoustic entrainment is comprehensively detailed in Chapter 2 of 'Phi'. Synchronization of the heart rhythms of each and every participant in the global event, and even those at all other sacred sites around the world, will be facilitated by the continuous induction of a 1.45Hz deep Delta pulsation in the lowest chamber of the Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt. The base frequency established by the Great Pyramid will be heard in the network of sacred sites selected after the 4-hour period has elapsed. The form and content of the music is dictated by the 1.45Hz format of the entire event, necessitating preparation and awareness on the part of all participants.

1.   1.45Hz heartbeat drumming commences in the Great Pyramid 4 hours prior to the event

2.   synchronized heartbeat drumming can also be initiated at all of the other sites thereafter

3.   musicians will be advised (in advance) to perform with instrument tunings based on love/528Hz

4.   musicians will also be asked to prepare or improvise their performance using only the base heartbeat frequency of 1.45Hz to provide for a continuous synchronization of the event


Bioelectric Recommendations

The process of bioelectrification is comprehensively detailed in Chapter 7 of 'Phi'. The multitudes of participants all over the world taking part in the event would be significantly contributing to its success by following a set of simple guidelines for enhancing the crystalline quality of water in the body. Drinking only purified water with nanoGold and nanoSilver optimizes the conductivity of the human body, enabling the soles of the feet to accept Earth's loving electrical current.

Participants should:

    walk barefoot - in direct electrical contact with the living Earth during the event

    drink only purified water (preferably with OxySilver) during and prior to the event*

    eat only living fruits and vegetables during and prior to the event and abstain from the intake of chemical substances (no herbal or vitamin supplements, pills or prescription drugs) or spicy foods, garlic, onions, etc.*


* Bioelectrification can be dangerous for individuals using prescription medications, pacemakers, hearing aids and other necessary artificial devices that may not function properly under bioelectrification conditions. Event participants must be properly advised to prevent such hazards.


Event Location Recommendations

A.   pyramid sites or other ancient temple sites, kivas, dolmen or megaliths could be used

B.   natural event sites with sand, soil or grass should be selected for barefoot participants

C.  resonance maps can be used to determine prime network sites in Chapters 3-4 of 'Phi'

D.  Mexico's Mayan pyramid sites deserve consideration as prime additional venues for the event

E.   Peru's Machu Picchu would also be a spectacular location for its sacred waterworks


The Great Pyramid on the Nile River

Giza, Egypt

29.97N 31.12E

Resonant Prime Meridian


Volcanic hot springs

Hilo, Hawai'i

19.70N 155.16W

8,990 miles from Giza

Resonant Distance: 36.11%


Vancouver, BC, Canada

49.25N 122.82W

6,747 miles from Giza

Resonant Distance: 27.10%


Khajuraho Temple

Madhya Pradesh, India

24.85N 79.93E

3,002 miles from Giza

Resonant Distance: 12.0%