Live H2O: Concert For The Living Water   June 19th - 21st, 2009 Summer Solstice

$100,000 Matching Grant from OxySilver, patron sponsor of Live H20

Water healing the world is our specialty. OxySilver is the foremost "green technology" in natural medicine and the pharmaceutical industry. It is urgently needed as the leading causes of disease and death in developed countries is now drug side effects including vaccine injuries and antibiotic toxicities, not to mention what these poisons are doing to our ecosystem. Couple this with infectious disease stats from Tuberculosis, Malaria, MRSA, Herpes, Hepatitis, Parasites , HIV/AIDS and other "opportunistic infectious" from immune suppression in our chemicalized world, and you can see why OxySilver shines as a patron donor to LIVE H2O.

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Beyond this, your ongoing support as an OxySilver Affiliate, registering from this website, will go towards establishing the LIVE H2O Foundation poised to lead the world out of its current preoccupation with antibiosis--conducting war on the microbial world--into the light of probiosis--using advances in hydrosonics and musical-monoatomics to free humanity from infectious diseases, cancer threats, and much, much more.


You might think that $20 for a single bottle is ridiculously expensive, try getting sick, tired and old. LIVE H2O bottled water is the first therapeutic water so supercharged with LOVE, 528Hz, it shocks you when you touch it.

But don"t worry the charge you feel lets you know this if for real! In fact, this therapeutic anti-aging water is guaranteed to keep you healthy, raise your energy, make you feel more alive, and even reverse your aging process making you look and feel younger every day you drink it, or your money back!

The makers of LIVE H2O bottled water are honored to launch the world"s most amazing water in collaboration with the organizers of LIVE H2O, and as a Patron of "The Concert for the Living Water."

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This is the closest thing going to the "Fountain of Youth." Feel the spark of life come back into you. Feel prayer-filled loving intent with 528Hz restore your body eliminating aches and pains.

The instant you touch or taste it, every one of your billions of cells gets super-charged with the essence of LOVE, . . . the "Universal Healer."

Welcome to the wonderful world of LIVE H2O"prayerfully preparing evolutionary water for the peaceful and prosperous paradigm!




Only $29.60

In this riveting seminar, Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz proves why he earned the title "World Leading Intellectual." After decrypting Leonardo da Vinci"s most famous drawing, The Vitruvian {Wo]Man, Dr. Horowitz revealed the most profound and practical knowledge for the Spiritual Renaissance and civilization"s evolution toward world peace. This real da Vinci code inspires creative genius and prophetic vision. This intuitive insight includes the knowledge and practices that produce "prosperity in all ways," and a healthier destiny for you and everyone else intelligent enough to lend an open ear and eye for the factual evidence he presents.

Dr. Horowitz reveals the mathematics of Divine creativity and the musical language empowering the laws of physics, spirituality, and cosmic unity. This "grand unification" is available by choice, bridges all religious and cultural divides, and promises fulfillment of your truly Divine-destiny." Are you ready to lead humanity into unprecedented health, peace and prosperity? This is your quick download of instructions and training.

By studying da Vinci, Plato, Aristotle and Pythagoras, Dr. Horowitz has tapped into the core creative sounds of nature, or the "Master Matrix." This is called the " Kingdom of Heaven " in the religious world. This instruction is priceless as a self-help spiritual-development guide, providing wisdom to optimize success in life, fulfill personal and career goals, and fully engage "grand unification" and Divine direction.

Dr. Horowitz is the author of sixteen books including three bestsellers: Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola"Nature, Accident or Intentional?, Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse, and Healing Celebrations"Miraculous Recoveries Through Ancient Scripture, Natural Medicine & Modern Science. (Tetrahedron Press; 1-888-508-4787)

This DVD package includes two discs with more than 3 hours of life-changing edutainment. Includes memorable selections from Scott Huckabay's evening concert in which he plays in 528Hz and 417Hz, the frequencies of LOVE and REsonance, respectively.
  This DVD presentation explains how and why:
• Most modern diseases are man-made and politically contrived.
• Population controllers are preventing you from learning these truths.
• Your heart yearns to commune spiritually with your Maker through math and music.
• A "global baptism" is humanly needed, wanted, and Divinely destined.
• A "Concert for the Living Water" can secure sustainable peace.
• Faith and trust in your Divine Source is life saving and spiritually enabling.





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Live H2O Vancouver Thanks Benefactor & Co-Sponsor

Harlan Lahti D.N.M, B.Sc. Pharm.; Founder
People in Vancouver, Canada, are most fortunate to have North America"s leading humanitarian pharmacist, Harlan Lahti, providing natural health services par excellence. Finlandia, a major contributor to LIVE H2O, is an extraordinary natural healing resource and pharmacy that treats whole people--body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Visit for more information.






Live H2O Sedona, Arizona is Co-Sponsored by Sacred Health

"These are two of the most brilliant and highly spiritual men on the planet! I highly encourage everyone to listen carefully to all six of these amazing videos.

They contain pure light and truth. If you are a light worker yourself, or someone who truly desires optimal health then I would also encourage you to get on these amazing ORME 528 love infused nutritional products immediately!

Blessings and Peace to All.............originalzeolite




Send a vibrational blessing into the living water with the "Perfect Circle of Sound."

The Water Resonator" is a simple, yet powerful, water treatment technology that uses a vibrating set of nature"s most powerful creative and healing frequencies to improve the quality of your water. It helps restore nature"s resonance energy and electromagnetic purity to drinking water.

The circumference of The Water Resonator" displays the precise sound frequencies of universal creation. These nine ancient harmonic tones form the "Perfect Circle of Sound™." These core creative vibrations, independently confirmed by scientists internationally, were used by ancient priests and civilizations to manifest miracles, and produce blessings; all involving sacred water.

By floating The Water Resonator" on water, or placing one on water containers, you can enhance water"s resonant energy to attune your body to nature"s universal harmony for optimal healt h, beauty, longevity, and more.

Only $19.40


The Perfect Circle of Sound"




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