June 19th - 21st, 2009 Summer Solstice
Live H2O: Concert For The Living Water
Press Releases (click to download)

No. 12 - Live H2O Experiment Anticipated To Reach Millions Worldwide (PDF file) (Word file)

No. 11 - LIVE H2O Adds Silent Auction: World Leading Artists & Artisans Contributing Donations (PDF file) (Word file)

No. 10 - Water Woodstock for Peace, Health & Sustainability (PDF file) (Word file)

No. 9 - LIVEH2O.tv Network Launched to Cure What Ails Us (PDF file) (Word file)

No. 8 - LIVEH2O.tv Network Launched with Call for Activism (PDF file) (Word file)

No. 7 - Diplomats Honor Water Researchers Launching LIVE H2O (PDF file) (Word file)

No. 6 - Councilwoman Naeole Advances LIVE H2O (PDF file) (Word file)

No. 5 - Global Concert Event Honoring Water Grows to 30 Sites by People Doing the impossible with “Nothing”Nothing. (PDF file) (Word file)

No. 4 - Councilwoman Naeole Advances LIVE H2O On the Big Island of Hawaii, June 19-21, 2009 (PDF file) (Word file)

No. 3 - Water Concert Brings John Lennon’Nothings “NothingPlan”Nothing and Beatles Saga to Life (PDF file) (Word file)

No. 2 - Historic Global Concert to Bless Water for Peace, Health and Prosperity (PDF file) (Word file)

No. 1 - A Call for Musicians, Producers, and Event Coordinators for LIVE H2O (PDF file) (Word file)


Open Letter to Recording Artists from Dr. Leonard Horowitz (PDF file) (Word file)

Invitation to Yoko Ono (PDF file) (Word file)

Flyers, Posters & Banners

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